Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nastradamus: A Project in Retrospect

It's always fun to look back on past projects to see the work you've done, and what's come of it since. After going through the Daddy-O portfolio recently, I came across a project from a while back - the set we did for hip-hop artist, Nas, for his 1999 release, "Nastradamus."

Here's a shot from before he got there:

And a still shot from the finished video:

You can watch the full music video here. It's wild to build a set and then revisit it a decade later to see that a half-million people have viewed it on YouTube. And just think, if every one of those people gave me a dollar...! 

There are lots of other great projects in the Daddy-O portfolio. Have a look at our books for Print, Theater, Film & Television, and Environments, and feel free to comment and ask questions here on the Daddy-O blog, or by tweeting @thisisdaddyo.

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